Sight and Silence 1.1 Update

Pretty much everything is better now.


  • Added fullscreen support
  • The "S" and "down" keys now also stabilize the player for more control while platforming
  • Edited all levels for balance and clarity
    • notable changes- 
    • level 2 no longer kills you for doing nothing at the start
    • level 2's jump is easier
    • level 3 has more content
    • level 4's "gate" is more lenient
    • level 4 now tells you about the reset feature
    • level 6 has more content
  • Added a 7th level
  • Changed KXylo's name in the credits to Daniel Makes Noise- his preferred name
  • Attributed music to Daniel Makes Noise
  • Improved all sounds (thanks Daniel!) including making music louder
  • Added a secret related to coins


Sight and 11 MB
Jul 16, 2017
Sight and Silence 17 MB
Jul 18, 2017

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